Unlimited Townhouses is a Management Agency that specialises purely in residential and commercial Sectional Title Management, Share Block and Home Owners Association management and administration, thereby avoiding any possible conflict of interests that could arise if involved in other activities such as property sales and rentals.

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EMERGENCY SERVICES – UTHSD – Flo Botha on 083 216 2436 flo@uth.co.za
EMERGENCY PAYMENTS by email to info@uth.co.za
Notwithstanding the fact that our offices will be closed over the festive season, we assure you that as in the past, an
emergency service will be available to deal with serious problems experienced, as well as any urgent payments
that may need to be made on behalf of the body corporate.

It is important to note that the December 2018 levy is payable by 1st December 2018 and the January 2019 levy by the 1st January 2019. Utility charges for the months of December 2018 and January 2019 will be debited on the February 2019 levy statement.

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April 2018 – Geyser Repairs & Replacements:SANS 10254: 2017 Edition 4.1, has been published and compliance is obligatory with immediate effect with all electrical storage heating systems, such as geysers, are installed, maintained, replaced and/or repaired.

It is now compulsory to be in possession of a Certificate of Compliance for any geyser replacement or repair.  Only registered plumbers, who are registered with the PIRB, may issue such a Certificate of Compliance (COC).

Hot Work Permits Update: The issue around hot work permits continues to be something of a concern. There is no doubt that several recent fires caused by hot work activities have resulted in the insurers tightening up on their requirements.

The issue is relatively clear where an inspection is undertaken and the insurer specifically requests a hot work permit. However, more generally, one needs to closely check the different wordings to see if there is specific reference to hot work permits or compliance with the National Building requirements (or similar).

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: New legislation around water heating systems (Compliments of Wilkinsons)

The government has passed legislation regulating the manufacturing of hot water systems (geysers).
Going forward, all manufacturers have been requested to produce and supply an energy efficient geyser, named the B Class. This new model has thicker insulation between the inner cylinder and the outer casing, preventing heat loss, and reducing electricity consumption.
As of August 2018, the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) started regulating geysers for domestic use. It’s a move that’s in line with Government’s strategy to “promote energy efficiency as the first fuel in driving balanced, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth, boosting job creation and leading technological innovation.”
The installation of old geysers up to 250l geysers is permitted until 15 September 2018. After that, only products bearing the “B Energy” label can be installed.
As a result, the geyser replacement limits stated in your insurance policy will have to be reviewed and adjusted accordingly to allow for the additional cost of the new B Class geyser.

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