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The members and executive officers of the Unlimited Townhouses Group have been involved in the Sectional Title Industry for over 30 years. The initial operation was conducted in the Northcliff/Fairlands area of Johannesburg trading as Basil Smit Estates cc. In 1994 an office was opened in KwaZulu Natal trading as Unlimited Townhouses cc. New developments were targeted to build up a client base in the quickest possible time. We now have offices in Durban, the North Coast and the Upper South Coast. Trustees are coached and guided regarding their duties and responsibilities in terms of the act and they are provided with regular meaningful financial reports together with recommendations on the maintenance of the buildings and common property. Swift action is taken in respect of arrear levies and enforcement of the rules of the Body Corporate and accurate forecasts are given to the trustees to assist with the budgeting of the levy fund.


Unlimited Townhouses and it’s entities are registered Estate Agents/Agencies and therefore hold Estate Agency Affairs Board Fidelity Certificates. In addition, we are members of the National Association of Managing Agents. The principals as well as the executive officers are also registered estate agents in possession of Fidelity Certificates.

A separate Trust Account is opened for each body corporate as provided for in terms of Section 32 of the Estate Agents Act. All payments are made electronically to avoid any possibility of cheque fraud and no payments are made without prior approval of the board of trustees. Surplus funds are securely invested in commercial banks as stipulated by the Act.


Management fees are negotiated annually with the trustees at the time of preparing the new budget. Additional charges are however debited to individuals who create the need for additional services such as administrating an arrear levy account, making photo copies of records, the issue of a levy clearance certificate, enforcement of rules letters etc.


Our services were extensively used by developers such as Murray and Roberts, Group Five Residential, Stocks and Stocks, Condev, NBSDEVCO (now BOE Bank) and sundry smaller developers for the preparation of levy budgets and convening inaugural meetings for their new schemes and today our group manages 225 complexes in KwaZulu Natal.


In line with the latest developments of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) we want to ensure that we are responsibly managing our clients. We will keep you informed on the latest in the property industry that is relevant to you. Our newsletters, members area, campaigns and general information is insightful and pertinent current property information and news.

We are committed to dealing with your personal information in a lawful, legitimate, and responsible manner respecting the privacy of our mutual clients.

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