Services Rendered to Property Developers

We assist developers in the preparation of the initial levy budget which is used to determine the proposed levies at the launch of the scheme. This ensures that the levy is not a “thumb suck”. We present the levy budget at the inaugural meeting of the body corporate and explain the implications to the members after which it is either approved or amended by the members of the body corporate.

Our proposals always include provisions for future maintenance which are at times removed by the developer to make the marketing levy look more attractive.

We encourage developers to register exclusive use parking and garden areas as provided in section 27A of the act. This is an inexpensive way of securing exclusive use rights for an owner as opposed to the unsatisfactory method of merely allocating parking bays on a site plan and leaving garden areas as grey areas of the common property. The other option as provided for in section 27 of the act is very costly for the developer.

Unlimited Townhousesbecomes involved in the scheme at the hand over stage to ensure that owners understand the legalities of their contract. Owners often have expectations, which do not entirely match the terms of the sales agreement. At times the selling agent is to blame by not explaining in detail what the finished product is likely to be. We provide written guidelines explaining patent and latent defects and well as the definition of structural defects as defined by the NHBRC. We also explain the need to maintain the interior and the exterior of the buildings as well as the need to work with the developer in dealing with teething problems rather than resorting to immediate confrontation. The first board of trustees has a particularly onerous task of dealing with common property issues in addition to issues relating to their own units. The first two years of a new complex is the time to pay attention to and to resolve common property issues in a professional manner.

The developer is often unfairly labeled as the “bad guy” by the owners due to a lack of understanding of basic principles. This is where Unlimited Townhouses, with its vast experience in new developments becomes the ideal mediator.