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Solar panels, inverters and generators have become a part of daily life in South Africa.

Unfortunately, despite the huge benefits these systems bring we have also seen a marked increase in fire, theft and power surge claims as a result of their use.

In this newsletter we will explore how appropriate cover should be selected to best protect these systems.

Firstly, it is important to differentiate between a permanent electrical installation such as rooftop solar and battery back-up system versus a temporary mobile solution such as a plug-in inverter. A generator can be seen as either a fixed or mobile power source, depending on how it has been installed and connected.

A fixed installation will generally be covered by the building insurance if the sum insured is sufficient. However, certain cover restrictions and limits may apply, particularly with regard to theft (exterior fixtures and fittings) and power surge. Mobile units should be insured as contents.
For both safety and insurance purposes it is critical that the relevant SANS regulations are fully complied with. SANS 10142-1-7:12 prescribes the minimum safety requirements for the use of alternative power sources.

Most importantly, all fixed installations must be installed by a registered electrician in accordance with the Electrical Installation Regulations and a Certificate of Compliance ‘COC’ must be issued. The COC will be requested in the event of a claim.

A further important requirement is that the roof structures must be able to support the system being installed. (SANS 10106:2014 5.3.1).

CIA has three options when insuring a permanently installed system:

  1. Increase the building sum insured.
  2. Increase the building sum insured and buy up the theft and power surge first loss limit.
  3. Specify the item separately.

We have attached a table (click solar examples below) providing further detail for each option. Please feel free to contact your broker consultant if you have any further questions.



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