Year End Message from UTH Executives

Dear Valued Client, Staff and Joint Service Partners.

I would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank all of our staff for their dedication, loyalty, and commitment to our clients throughout this year. It has been a testing year of change, through the implementing of new systems and of new staff, and you have all pulled through amiably. The hard setup work put in this past year has already started to be felt where it is aimed, and that is in our service and satisfaction levels of our clients.

To our Trustees, I would like to say a very big thank you for your support and teamwork over this year. There is no doubt that a well-managed building with little stress for all parties’ lies in the willingness to work together, thank you. We commit ourselves to undertake all requests and instructions from yourselves speedily and accurately, and to advise and assist you on all decisions for your protection.

To our owners we would like to once again pledge our commitment to you and your investments for the ensuing year, and assure you that we will full-fill our duties and responsibilities in protecting your investments. We will uphold your credit control policies on arrear levies strictly, as implemented by yourselves at your AGM’s, and we will assist any owner or owners who’s rights are being withheld or infringed on by any Trustees.

For both Trustees and owners, is with great pleasure that I would like to announce that we will be moving to new corporate offices in Glen Anil during the shutdown. The move has been long overdue due to our growth over the past years, and is needed to accommodate our new service departments and lecture rooms, which you will be enjoying in the future. The new premises will be highly visible from the N2 and easily accessible from both the highway and Umhlanga rocks drive. We sincerely hope that this move will make it easier for all to make use of our “walk in – no appointment” policy for access to information and transparency

Our offices will close on the 15th of December and will reopen on the 9th of January, however our contact numbers remain the same as before and emergency numbers will be posted on the phone lines should there be any emergencies.

Enjoy the holidays and take care.

Kind Regards

Basil and Brandon Smit


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